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Monday, December 30, 2013

Kara Hawkins - A Got It Together Girl!

The Get It Together Girl philosophy is simple: Start where you are and use what you’ve got to get what you want. It takes into account that most of us have neither an abundance of time or money. So I advocate making small changes that can yield a big payoff. Tonight’s guest, Kara Hawkins, has lived this philosophy.

Her wake-up call occurred suddenly after being hospitalized by a mysterious illness. She looked around and saw her health in decline, her relationship in jeopardy and her kids out of control. Kara knew that she needed to do something about it. She got clear on what mattered most and took inventory of her resources, talents and gifts … then she stopped being busy and got down to business and changed her life.

She comes to Get It Together Girl Radio healthy with strong relationships. She shares her story as well as tips on how you can make similar changes in your life … starting today!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

I launched Get It Together Girl Radio in September. I absolutely love doing the show and am looking forward to next year. I am going from a single guest an hour to a two guest an hour format. I’m also implementing a weekly Facebook Fan of the Week contest complete with a Get It Together Girl T-Shirt for the winner.

It is a lot of work, really a second job. As much as I love doing what I do, I also realize that I cannot do it alone. No one can. Success is never a solo project. I’ve reached out to one friend who has designed a logo for me and helps me with graphics. A coworker has introduced me to a woman who is helping me with marketing. Now, I have a woman who is going to be my entertainment commentator on the show. Truth be told, I could really use an intern!

While it is sometimes easier to just do it all yourself, at some point you have to let others in. Women who try to do too much eventually run into the realization that they can’t do it all. Unfortunately, it often comes after the crisis has occurred.

We must realize when we need help and then take the step to ask for it. When asking for help…

  • Know exactly what you need help with and are asking someone to do.
  • Do not wait until you are spent and emotional to ask. Leave emotion out of it.
  • Be generous with your support and with your gratitude, let people know that they are appreciated.

So in the meantime, I solider on, with my ragtag team. In 2014, I hope to be adding that intern to my crew!

Friday, December 20, 2013

On Tonight: Relationship Resolutions for Couples

John and Chris will be on tonight's show to discuss relationship resolutions for couples. 

We all want healthy relationships! So why don’t we have healthy relationships? To experience healthy relationships, it’s important to understand that the physical world we see is like a gigantic mirror. It always reflects back to us our dominant thoughts, beliefs, feelings and emotions. What we see is a result of what we project. Our world is the screen. On that screen is a movie. We each script it, produce it, direct it and even act in it.

If you are unhappy with ‘the plot’ and the cast of characters in your life, then perhaps it is time for a re-write of your script. The quickest, most efficient way to change the world you see is to begin to be more open, willing and vulnerable to healing your life through the relationships you may consider unhealthy or unstable.

Here are three key ways that the healing power of your relationships can assist you to create a new life for yourself.

Tip #1: Be open and willing to stop trying to ‘fix’ and ‘save’ other people. If you are in the habit of trying to fix and save people be open and willing to give this up now! Do not expect anyone else to change because you want them to. If you are carrying a ‘I’ll be happy and at peace when (s)he changes’ belief, you are going to wait a very long time…even a lifetime, for that to happen.

Tip #2: Get to know yourself now! If you truly desire more intimacy in your personal relationships begin by focusing on developing an intimate relationship with yourself. The truth is, if you are challenged being intimate with you, how can you expect to be intimate with someone else?

Get to know “you” by going on a date with yourself. Spend alone time. Journal your thoughts about what you love about you. Begin to enjoy your own company!

Tip #3: Begin to develop more self-confidence and healthier self-esteem. You achieve this by learning to let go of the past and cease worrying about the future. Be alive now. Accept that you are unique and one-of-a kind and so is everyone else. Experiencing healthy relationships is also about realizing that we are all interconnected to everyone and everything.

To experience this idea of uniqueness and interconnectedness simply requires a shift in how you look at things. Recall that your life and world is the movie you created. You can edit and re-write the storyline as you choose.

Click here to read this blog post in its entirety:

Monday, December 16, 2013

Dale Stanten: The Hooker's Daughter

When it comes to overcoming obstacles and rising above bad situations, author Dale Stanten knows what she is talking about. In 1950s Jewish Boston, Dale’s mother established a home-based business as a prostitute to remedy her husband’s inability to provide for his family. At age six, the author was answering the front door for johns. Neighbor children were forbidden to play with her and even the Girl Scouts asked her to leave. What a terrible irony, in a family with so many strange and twisted realities, her gay sister, “coming out” at age 16, was the only thing her parents focused on as contemptible.

The Hooker’s Daughter is a story of survival, driven by a strong will and an ability to extract positive qualities from a dysfunctional life, punctuated by immoral and illegal behaviors. The author was able to reconcile the reality of her environment with what she wished it to be. The resulting tenacity enabled Dale to cope with her terminally ill husband and widowhood at age 37. Her unconditional love for her mother challenges the reader to examine beyond that which is socially acceptable and identify that which is universal. 

I can't wait to talk to Dale about resilience, being ostracized within her community and how she managed to battle back and succeed. I also want to talk about being a caregiver and what a massive undertaking that role really is physically, mentally and emotionally.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Listen to Oprah ... Again

Okay, I was on a bit of an Oprah kick for a minute. However, I do believe the words we speak have power. In this segment, Oprah talks to Joel Osteen about the power of the words "I am". What you attach to I am, you bring into your life. So watch your words!

Monday, December 9, 2013

The Bully Pulpit

Tiffany Haisten is a mother, teacher, author and former victim of bullying. Using her experiences growing up as a redhead, she has written Red Is the Color of... to help victims of bullying see that there is beauty in differences.

She'll be on Get It Together Girl Radio to talk about bullying and what parents, teachers and even other kids can do to help.

Here's the trailer to her book.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Monday, December 2, 2013

Tonight's Guest: Angela Ray

Whether speaking to incoming college freshmen or breast cancer survivors, Angela Ray is truly a ray of hope. What I find so inspiring about Angela is that she has dedicated her career as well as her personal acts of kindness to giving back in whatever way she can.

Angela has a story of overcoming adversity and perseverance. I look forward to speaking with her about this on Get It Together Girl Radio. She often shares her story with high school and college students, letting them know that they too can rise above the challenges they are facing and experience success – however they define it.

In another example of giving back, after losing her only sister to breast cancer, last month, for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Angela made the Kindle version of her book, Rays of Motivation free for anyone who could use an inspirational boost. Angela said, ““I was holding my sister in my arms when she took her last breath, and I know how hard she fought against breast cancer. I don’t have a cure or millions of dollars for research, but this is my way to let survivors know that I care.”

Victory, hope and happiness will be the cornerstone of my conversation with Angela. I hope you’ll listen in.