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Monday, March 31, 2014

Tonight's Show: Stunned by Grief

If you have ever lost a loved one, you know how painful grief can be. If you haven’t experienced loss yet, at some point you will. Loss is a part of life and a part of love. Getting through it is difficult but necessary. Some people get stuck in a state of grief – consumed by anger or drowning in depression. Yet, even those that successfully navigate grief, experience those emotions.

On tonight’s show, we’ll have two authors discussing grief, Judy Brizendine is the author of Stunned by Grief and Mardria Williams is the author of When Sorrow Comes My Way, I Look Up and Forge Forward.

On the second half of the show, Kartika Anderson will discuss how art helped heal her from a life-long struggle with depression. Her book is Turning Blue to Blue: How God Used Art to Lift my Depression.
Although grief and depression sound like depressing topics, tune in to find how these negative occurrences can have a positive outcome. Expect an uplifting hour!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Why Wait?

If you are waiting for the perfect time, here’s a newsflash: there is no perfect time. There is no perfect time to move, to have a child, to get married. Now, before you go off and move to another city, have a baby and get married to someone you barely know, let me tell you the difference between a good time and a perfect time.

Just because you don’t write a list down and check off every item, doesn’t mean you don’t have a list. You know what you are looking for in a partner. You know what you need to consider a major move or career change or to go back to school. You have at least a mental list if not a written list.

So when faced with a major decision, are the big items on your list checked off? A good friend wanted to move to another city, but she was her mom’s main caregiver. There was no way she was moving until she knew that her mom was going to be okay and well taken care of. She was also a home owner, in a slow real estate market. Of course, her job was an issue too.

Once she had gotten her mom settled, she still had to contend with the home and job issues. She had it on the market for several months with no luck. She looked into having a management company rent it out. Even after they took their fee, there was enough left to completely pay her mortgage and give her a little bit as well.
Finally, since she worked from home most of the time, she spoke to her boss about her desire to relocate, and the boss approved.

At this point, all of the major items on her checklist were checked off. Was everything perfect of course not. She had a few friends and family members that weren’t going to be happy with her decision. The move was also going to cost a little more than she expected. Yet, these were smaller things. It wasn’t up to her to make her friends happy and she could get by with the increased costs.

So she moved. She’s been in her new city four years now and loves it.

My point is that everything on your list might not be checked off. And if you need to have everything just so then consider the fact that you might have a case of procrastination masquerading as perfectionism. If a guy treats you well, has a good job, a great sense of humor and is reliable but you hate his cologne, should that be the reason why you don’t get together?

A perfect time to act is always going to be perfect. However, if perfect never comes, a good time to act is often better than not acting at all.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Tonight's Show: Goals Update and Fighting Fear

We’re halfway through March, two and a half months into 2014 (the year isn’t exactly ‘New’ anymore!). So how are you doing on those goals you set.  Elana Anthony will join me as we talk about your progress and what you need to do to have a goal-setting reboot!

Over 1.5 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed this year. This insidious diseases touches almost everyone in some shape or form.  We don’t have to be diagnosed to have seen a family member or friend suffer though their own illness. Jana Flaig is a cancer survivor – surviving Stage 3 ovarian cancer. Her new book Fight Fear and Foster Faith details how conquering fear played an integral role in overcoming a devastating diagnosis.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Tonight's Show: Meditation Made Easy

In today's fast-paced, multi-tasking world, who has time to meditate? In fact, who has time to even be still??? Well, you should. Tonight's guest, Shawngela Pierce of Seek Within You, is a meditation teacher and she'll be sharing the benefits and basics of meditation.

Still skeptical. The picture on the right was taken when Shawngela was 38 years old. She's 40 now and still looks the same. Forget the Oil of Olay and Botox, she credits meditation as one of the main reasons she looks so youthful.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Person the People Pleaser Needs to Please

I am a people pleaser. Over the years, I have gotten better but I still put the needs of others first most of the time. My epiphany came years ago when I was burning the midnight oil on a project a client wanted too soon and that I had charged next to nothing to do. I realized that the client was fast asleep as was my boss and co-workers at my day job. The only one up and working was me.

I could have said "For what you want, I need at least another week" or I could have said, "I can do that but I will have to charge you XX more for meeting that aggressive deadline." What is the worst that could have happened? They would have said no. It probably wouldn't have ruined our professional relationship and if it did, was that really a bad thing?

After that night, I started trying to please myself at least some of the time. Saying no got easier. When I didn't say no outright, I said that I couldn't do what was being asked and I suggested what I could do instead. No was never a relationship-ender. In fact, when people asked for a favor they usually knew that no was a possibility.

Yet, I find myself doing too much too much of the time. Lucky for me, I have good friends. They know my problem and set off the alarm when I start to put people first at a detriment to me. It happened recently with a health issue, my health issue. I wanted to make sure that everyone else was taken care of before I attended to my health. My friends stopped me in my tracks and I appreciate them for it.

I put myself first and as soon as I did, I felt as if a weight had been lifted. I knew I had done the right thing. I thank God for being able to recognize a major flaw in my character and for having good people around me from letting it get the best of me.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Tonight's Show: The Sexy Show

Yes, ladies, it's time for the sexy show. It's all about men and the virtues of sex. Elliott R Katz, author of Being the Strong Man a Woman Wants, drops by to answer all of the questions you wanted to know about men. How they think and why they do some of the things that they do and when and how they can man up!

Then, want to improve your health, look younger, reduce stress and improve your relationship? Have more sex! Relationship coach Elizabeth Manuel says that an active and healthy sex life can improve your outlook and your life ... outside of the bedroom!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

There's an App for That!

Get It Together Girl has an app! If you want to hear the show but you don't always want to listen from your computer, Get It Together Girl radio is available for your smart phone. Check your app store (Google, Apple, ...) and search for Get It Together Girl Radio. Be sure to use the Radio or you'll get a lot of 'sexy' apps ... but you won't see mine!

Here is the moral of this story. I heard that several BlogTalkRadio shows had apps. I assumed it probably cost more money than I could afford and I didn't even inquire about it. A few months later, when I came across a forum post from a guy who did apps, I decided to shoot him a quick email.

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to get an app AND how affordable it was. It was something I could do without breaking the bank. I had made an assumption about the difficulty and the cost and I was wrong.

What did asking the questions cost me? It wasn't about what I thought. It was about getting the actual information from the person who knew the answers. If it was a difficult or costly process, I could have just said "Thanks but no thanks." But it wasn't and now, I have an app!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Tonight's Show: Get It Together Girls!

Get It Together Girl is devoted to helping people make major life changes by taking small daily changes. This comes through in my workbooks, my speaking and, of course, my radio show. Tonight's show feature two women who have done just that.

Ann Marie Bryant went from sitting on a $1 sofa and collecting welfare benefits to getting two Masters degrees and publishing several books. She is going to share how she made those dramatic changes. Elana Anthony is a working mother with six kids from adult to Pre-K. She juggles a lot of balls and manages to keep them all in the air, while also making positive changes to her health and fitness.

If you have big dreams and a full plate, this show is for you!